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First of all, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is used by browsers to display webpages.
A browser is a program that shows the webpages to you, like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
In Internet Explorer, if you click View>Source, you will see the code that is used to "describe" the page. Basically the code is the instructions for what the browser should show.
But, with only HTML you won't get a cool website. Many other languages are used , like JavaScript, PHP script, AJAX and other. The code for these is in the HTML source that you can look at. Sometimes, you will see things like '<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">', this tells the browser that the following lines are written in JavaScript and the tag </script> ends the script.But, do not think Java and JavaScript are the same, because they're actually completely different things.
             Tags are the commands that are used to tell the browser how to display the text, organize the content, and other.
All HTML tags have < > wrapped around them. Like, the tag <font> , it's the tag for displaying text. Sometimes it will look like this:
<font color="red">Then the need text goes here</font>
Tags also can have parameters, like the <font> tag will just display text, but the <font size="4" color="red"> will display the text like
Most  Tags can also need closing.
The <font> tag need an ending tag "</font>" because if there's no ending, the browser will display the rest of the code as plain text on the webpage, but the <br> tag and some other ones do not.(The tag "<br>" is used for ending the line, like if you write "Hello, World!!" it will be just one line, but if you use <font>Hello <br>World!!!</font> it will display "World!!!" on the next line).
If a <tag> has parameters, they can be written in any order with one space between them.
<font color="green" size="2"> is equal to
<font size="2" color="green>
HTML page structure
Every html page has to have the following tags, :
<html> - begins and ends the webpage, tells the browser that the content after it is written in the HTML language.
<head> - contains important information about the webpage that is not displayed
<body> - contains the visible information on the webpage.
Sometimes you will see things like <!-- something -->,that means these are comments, they're not displayed on the wepage.
So here's the structure: 
<head><TITLE>Hello, World!</TITLE>
<!--this is the title for the website that you will see next to the adress bar-->
<!-- the visible content goes here -->
<font size="3" color="black">I just wrote on this website.<br>Take </font><font size="6" color="red"><b>THAT</b></font><font size="3">society!!!</font>
<!-- usually you do not have to set the color to black because it is the default color but I did it anyway. Notice that the  <br> -->
<!-- tag doesn't have an ending -->
<!-- the visible content ended, the ending tag for the whole webpage follows  -->
CLICK HERE to view the page created using this code. You can also view the page source and you will see the same thing.
We are currently working on the tutorials and adding them. Soon there will be more.
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